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I Didn’t Know You Did That…

I help clients with both deals and litigation. To be more specific that means buying, selling, financing, leasing, etc. — and going to court. However, those things don’t often overlap. That is, most deals don’t end up in court, and even fewer lawsuits lead to deals.

Yes, I have to say “no” a lot.

Clients don’t like me saying “no” to so many of their ideas for litigation strategies and maneuvers. But, unfortunately, by the time litigation starts, there are often not many good options left. The optimal outcome for a client is sometimes the least bad scenario.

Legal Services Without Lawyers

Technology offers an opportunity – or a steamroller, depending on how you look at it – for changing the way legal services are delivered, and therefore how lawyers charge for them. I recently attended a conference called Reinvent Law at the Great Hall at Cooper Union – famous for, among other things, Abraham Lincoln delivering […]

Spoiled by Amazon, but Impressed with Steve

I’m used to online services just working and being simple and affordable – at least the few I like. So, when three LexisNexis customer service agents bug me about how my user-experience is going, and ask if I want an online training session, I say yes. What the heck, it beats working, right?

Sell Me This Lawyer

I admit, I loved The Wolf of Wall Street. You can put me in the “swept away” category aptly described in the NY Times review. Although, I also agree with the criticism of its voyeuristic indulgence in sexism and materialism. But, damn, it was entertaining! Overall, I was intrigued by the major theme: the power […]

Electronically Stored Information

Electronically stored information includes any and all documents saved to a computer, with or without hard copies. These documents include sent or received emails. The amount of electronically stored information can be vast. Even deleted email lingers on in some form in your ISP’s servers. If you initiate a lawsuit or are a defendant, you […]

After Bust, Using ’60s Law to Get Out of Condo Deals

Well done, Christine Haughney & the NY Times.  Check out her article today about ILSA wins in NY, Using ’60’s Law to Get Out of Condo Deals.  And if you really must know more, see my last post (9/23/10) explaining how one of the court decisions she discussed, assuming it’s upheld on appeal, will increase […]

ILSA Up Ends NY Market for 100+ Unit Condos? If & When that Market Comes Back?

And I don’t mean Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman’s character in Casablanca). I mean the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act.  A Federal court just let someone out of a deal because the signatures on the contract weren’t acknowledged and notarized so as to allow the buyer to record the contract like you would a deed.  […]

My House Is Underwater! Whose Fault Is That?

I lot of people are having the following inner dialogue. My house is underwater!  Whose fault is that?  I’m not one of “those” people, am I?  And I don’t mean I live in Pakistan (donate here).  I mean one of those irresponsible overspenders and speculators?  How did this happen to me?  All I did was […]

How do jerks get away with it in real estate?

Because they’re not making any more dirt – landfill aside  But even then someone has to own the swamp or wetlands being filled in.  So once a jerk gets his hands on a piece of property – and you want it – you have to deal with him.  You can’t go to the Target down […]