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How do jerks get away with it in real estate?

Because they’re not making any more dirt – landfill aside  But even then someone has to own the swamp or wetlands being filled in.  So once a jerk gets his hands on a piece of property – and you want it – you have to deal with him.  You can’t go to the Target down the road to get the same thing.  You can only buy it from the jerk – and he knows it – which gives him no incentive to be less of a jerk.  Au contraire.  And any jerk can get his hands on a piece of property.  All it takes is money.  And any bank will lend money to a jerk with good collateral – i.e. a contract entitling him to buy the piece of land in question.  Or at least they used to until they stopped lending to anyone.  But for our purposes today, the point remains, if you want to buy a property from a jerk, he’s the jerk you are going to have to deal with.  And the same goes for jerk buyers too.  If you want to sell your property and a jerk offers you more money than a nice guy, you’ll take the jerk’s money and walk away.  The time it takes to count your money will be enough for you to forget what a jerk he was.  Or if he turns out to be a jerk who signed a contract to buy your property and only later demonstrated his jerkiness by not closing, then it’s too late.  You’re stuck with the jerk and his jerk demands until you can work it out – usually at your expense.  What a jerk.

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