What Good Are Lawyers? [VIDEO]

Hi, I’m Andrew Weltchek. I’m a partner at the law firm of Cohen, Hochman, and Allen.

People often wonder, what good are lawyers? Well, I’ll tell you. Lawyers are not you. They may also know the law better than you but regardless, no matter how much you know the law, the lawyer gives you distance from the conflict or dispute or investigation or whatever it is you need their help with.

That leaves you the space to make the decisions on your own and not face-to-face with whatever person, institution, situation that you’re consulting the lawyer about. It also leaves you free to do what you do, making your money, supporting your family, doing your business while the lawyer goes off and takes care of this problem or whatever other matter on which you’re consulting the lawyer.

And last but not least, people don’t like to get into fights. That’s what they pay their gladiator for, or their assistant or their mediator — whatever role you see the lawyer best fitting, it’s somebody else doing it and not you face-to-face.

So I may be prejudiced, but I do think there is some value to using lawyers.

Thank you. Cohen, Hochman, and Allen. Andrew Weltchek and my contact information is on the slide at the end of the video.

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