Why should you hire me? [VIDEO]

Hi, my name is Andy Weltchek. I’m a partner with the law firm Cohen Hochman & Allen. I represent people in New York City who own real property, buildings, stores, parking lots, empty lots, office buildings, apartment buildings. If you have property in New York you have problems. You come to me and I help.

So the question today is why should you hire me? Because you have to? That is you have an emergency, a problem that you can’t solve yourself and you need legal help right away. Or maybe you just need to. That is you could muddle through again but you think you’re better off getting legal advice. Or because and most importantly, you understand your problem, you know you need a lawyer to help you, and you can afford to pay for that help. It does no good to spend money you don’t have. That might only make your problems worse.

Therefore one of the first things to ask a lawyer is what are the affordable options for solving your problem. Some lawyers only collect a fee if they win, such as when you got hurt in an accident or you were discriminated against. But if you don’t have that kind of problem, then you need to figure out with the lawyer what is the most sensible way that you can afford to deal with your problem. That is what I do with my clients. And ideally, you should hire me when you have a problem that you didn’t cause and there is an affordable solution.

What if you did cause your problem. That is you made a mistake which is to say you’re human, you should hire a lawyer to limit your damages and make sure you learn how to avoid making that same mistake again. Either way you should hire me if you have a problem with your property in New York City to find out if there is a sensible, affordable solution.

Thank you. My name is Andy Weltchek. I’m a partner with the law firm of Cohen Hochman and Allen, and you can reach me on my cell phone at 973-223-4567. Thank you.

Andrew WeltchekAndrew Weltchek
Cohen Hochman & Allen
75 Maiden Lane, Suite 802
New York, New York 10038
Tel. 212-566-7081
Fax 212-566-7406
Cell 973-223-4567

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