Getting Help with Your Board

Getting Help with Your Board by Andrew WeltchekMaybe you don’t have problems with your Board. Maybe you’re lucky. But then you are in the minority. Almost everyone who owns an apartment in NYC or knows someone who owns an apartment in NYC — meaning pretty much everyone in NYC — has problems with their Board or has heard about such problems.

Why is that? Because Board members are amateurs mostly. Rarely does a Board have many or any members with experience managing a multi-family building — which is hard. An apartment building is an amazingly complex engineering and financial system. It’s hard to run when you know what you’re doing. Just ask anyone who everyone owned an apartment building or had a landlord. And being a condominium or cooperative adds a whole other level of legal complexity.

It doesn’t get any easier when the Board members have to make collective decisions together and try to please all the other unit owners. Did your last landlord live in your building so that you could bang on his door when you were fed up with leaks? I didn’t think so. But your Board members do. And they don’t get any profit from the building.

So when your Board can’t help itself, you’re going to need help with your Board. That’s why you need me.

If you have problems with your condo or coop Board, call me, your NY condo/coop lawyer when you have problems with your Board.

Andrew WeltchekAndrew Weltchek
Cohen Hochman & Allen
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New York, New York 10038
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