How to Get Help with Your Managing Agent

How to Get Help with Your Managing Agent by Andrew WeltchekThere’s nothing wrong with your managing agent except that the business is so tough.

Think about it. Board members for condos & coops are amateurs mostly and under pressure from their fellow apartment owners to save money. They know how much they are paying their managing agent, but they can’t really judge the service they’re getting.

Many managing agents feel they have to — or are happy to — cut prices to get business. This means they have to cut services that they are not getting paid enough to provide.

It’s a recipe for failure.

So, in the words of the Sopranos, waddayagonnado?

For you, the apartment owner, one answer is to get me to help you when the Board or its managing agent can’t or won’t.

If you have problems with your condo or coop Board, call me, your NY condo/coop lawyer when you have problems with your Board.

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